Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Inbound U.S. Flight Diverted After Woman Claims to Have Explosives

A US Air passage journey limited for Currently was intercepted by F-15 competitors and redirected to Maine after a women traveler stated an blast had been operatively inserted within her.
Two F-15s were scrambled to indentify a US Air passage journey that was arriving from London to Currently, Northern Carolina last night. The journey was re-routed and arrived in Bangor, Maine, following a sequence of unusual activities during the journey. A France lady from Cameroon boarded the aircraft with no baggage for a 10-day journey to the U.S. Once the journey was in the air, the lady started performing suspiciously and gradually started to declare that she had an blast operatively inserted within her body.

Flight employees and on board physicians conducted an unplanned evaluation of the lady and discovered no scarring damage to indicate that any kind of surgery had taken place lately. With the two martial artist airplanes escorting the aircraft into U.S. airspace, the journey arrived securely in Bangor, Maine. The journey was planned to proceed on to Currently, Northern Carolina, while the lady in query was taken into legal care.

TSA released a brief declaration on the issue, which did not provide any real details as to what exactly occurred on board the journey. "[We are] conscious of reviews of a traveler who showed dubious actions during journey," the TSA declaration study. "Out of an variety of warning the journey was redirected to BGR where it was met by police officers."

This is the second US Air passage journey to be redirected for protection factors in latest several weeks. The other day, a journey from Bangor, Maine to Chicago was compelled to area in Birkenstock boston after a traveler tried to power his way into the cabin. That man was caught once the aircraft was on the floor in Birkenstock boston.